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May 2-4, 2020: Bern, Switzerland: 2 day Immersion and one day training: Severe Fragile Character Structure: THIS COURSE HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO A LATER DATE DUE TO COVID-19

May 7-9, 2020: Drammen Norway: ISTDP Immersion: Focus on the ISTDP Trial Therapy Across the Spectra: Information soon at

August 20-22, 2020: Copenhagen Denmark: ISTDP Immersion: Mastering the ISTDP Trial Therapy INFORMATION HERE

August 27-29, 2020: Stockholm Sweden: ISTDP Immersion Focus on the ISTDP Trial Therapy Across the Spectra INFORMATION HERE 

September 30, October 2, 2020: 17th Halifax Immersion: Starting Strong: Mastering the ISTDP Trial Therapy. Plus 2 days case reviews September 28-29. INFORMATION HERE

September 3-6, 2020: Poland: Series of Presentations: INFORMATION HERE

November 4-5, 2020: Syracuse, New York: Grand Rounds and Workshop: information to follow

November 6: Rochester, New York: Somatic Symptom Disorders Workshop: Information to follow