Reviews of Hidden from View

THIS REMARKABLE BOOK will prove invaluable to medical professionals who are often at a loss when treating patients who are suffering with symptoms that have no organic source. Drs. Abbass and Schubiner have written a clear, concise, and comprehensive text that provides information on the understanding, assessment and treatment of a myriad of mind-body syndromes. It is timely and essential.
—Patricia Coughlin Ph.D., Author of
Maximizing Effectiveness in Dynamic Psychotherapy

IN THIS HIGHLY ACCESSIBLE MANUAL of techniques for diagnosing and treating one of the healer’s greatest challenges patients with medically unexplained symptoms – the authors, with the combined wisdom of more than 60 years of practice and teaching, have laid out an invaluable roadmap for developing meaningful, effective and mutually satisfying relationships with patients. A must read for anyone working with patients who present with medically unexplained symptoms.
—Richard M. Frankel Ph.D., Professor of Medicine and Geriatrics, Indiana University School of Medicine

HIDDEN FROM VIEW SHARES the clinical wisdom of two of the world’s leading scholars on the treatment of chronic pain and other psychophysiological disorders. Drs. Abbass and Schubiner thoroughly describe various techniques for determining whether or not a patient has a psychophysiological disorder. They then present, with clarity yet sophistication, a comprehensive sequence of educational, behavioral, cognitive, and emotional interventions to treat these often challenging and frustrating patients. Physicians and other professionals will find a wealth of useful techniques to incorporate into their practices.
—Mark A. Lumley, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor and
Director of Clinical Psychology Training
Department of Psychology, Wayne State University

HIDDEN FROM VIEW is a book that every doctor should read. The book includes a complete overview of educational, cognitive, behavioural, and emotional components to help patients see how stress can affect their lives and how biography can have an impact on biology. Hidden from View is a book that will change and improve your way to work, helping you achieve successful outcomes with your patients.
—Erica Poli, MD, EFP Group Integrative
Medicine Center, Milan

HIDDEN FROM VIEW is a must for all clinicians who treat patients with physical symptoms that cannot be explained through a traditional medical model. It is a clear and concise guide that will help you understand, assess and offer brief treatments for the emotional causes underlying what are often seen as medically unexplainable disorders. With this guide, you can begin to feel empowered in your approach to these often-confusing presentations and in so doing, you can begin to empower your patients to address what is truly driving their suffering. This book has the potential to change how you think and how you practice indefinitely.
—Angela Cooper, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Dalhousie University, Canada

THIS LANDMARK CONTRIBUTION changes the landscape for how clinicians conceptualize physical health and the connection between emotions and health. A perfect combination of practical and theoretical knowledge, with compelling evidence skillfully woven throughout. Hidden from View contains a seemingly radical yet simple approach should be required reading for all clinicians.
—E. Adriana Wilson, MD, FRCPC
Founder of the Association for Positive Psychiatry of Canada

HIDDEN FROM VIEW contains a wealth of practical experience, medical wisdom and theoretical explanation. It is a must read for all medical professionals in search of more refined ways to listen, observe, evaluate and treat patients with psychophysiologic disorders.
—Arno L. Goudsmit, Ph.D., School of Family Medicine,
Maastricht University, Netherlands

PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGIC disorders touch every medical specialty so anyone who provides care to patients should read this book. In the emergency department, this is a group of patients whom we have consistently failed. This spectrum of conditions provides a large fraction of the suffering of our patients and should no longer be considered a ‘diagnosis of exclusion’. This great book challenges us to recognize features of these disorders and to offer help to patients who have been left to suffer for far too long.
—Samuel Campbell, MD, Professor of Emergency Medicine
Dalhousie University, Canada

HIDDEN FROM VIEW is a book that the field badly needs. Written by two of the leaders in the field, both master clinicians with years of experience with this population, this book contains a wealth of practical and theoretical information that will prove invaluable to any clinician working with somatoform patients, especially primary care physicians and psychotherapists. Particularly notable is the wide variety of creative and effective interventions designed specifically for primary care physicians and other specialists, as well as extensive clinical examples and transcripts of actual psychotherapy sessions with Dr. Abbass. One’s understanding of and work with these patients will be significantly enhanced digesting the contents of this outstanding volume.
—William H Watson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychiatry
(Psychology) and Neurology, University of Rochester, USA

PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGIC conditions are currently a lose-lose-lose situation for patients, clinicians and society. Patients with these condition experience terrible quality of life, clinicians feel helpless when trying to help these patients and their condition costs society when these patients have huge untapped potential. Hidden from View offers a paradigm shifting approach, which is scientifically based, empirically researched and genuinely effective. I can’t recommend this book more highly.”
—Dr. Steve Allder, Consultant Neurologist
Recognition Health, London, UK

THIS CONCISE manual is written by an internist and psychiatrist with decades of experience in managing psychophysiological symptoms and disorders and who bring an ideal combination of scientific and clinical perspectives to the topic. Symptoms that prompt patients to see a doctor often do not show up on medical tests and remain poorly explained and inadequately treated. Understanding the physical and emotional underpinnings of such symptoms is a key step to better management. The examples in this book will resonate with the daily practice of many clinicians, and the treatments suggested range from those that can be delivered in primary care to those that are more suitable for an experience therapist. There are many analogies and brief scripts that can be exceptionally helpful in communicating and partnering with patients in improving their symptoms. The audience for Hidden from View includes a broad range of health professionals as well as patients suffering from common symptoms.
—Kurt Kroenke, MD, Chancellor’s Professor of Medicine,
Indiana University, USA

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